A healthy living soil is the foundation

for all life on Earth to flourish

Our Story

We love plants and we love soil. A healthy soil results in healthy plants. The minerals and nutrients in the soil are taken up by the plant and transformed into new leaves, stems, flowers and fruits. When we ingest a (part of a) plant, we indirectly ingest the nutrition it was given. Which on its turn is alchemized in our own body to become nutrition for our body and our mind. 
Therefor we like to care for the soil as we like to care for our own health: by supplying it with healthy, organic food sources and creating a healthy environment in which these nutrients can mobilised so that they can be taken up by the plant.

By teaming up with microbes like certain bacteria and fungi and selecting only organic nutrients we mimic what nature does best: creating a living network, that connects life above the ground with the life in the soil. In which all organisms are working together, to help each other grow, balance and thrive.

Active Earth Manifest

The Active Earth is a co-creation between the organisms
within the soil and the ones living above it.
Life in the soil is an active network
composed of intelligent life forms who are all connected,
working in symbioses together and exchange nutrients.
They create the healthy conditions
in which all life on Earth can flourish.

A healthy life in the soil is the foundation
for the active evolution of all life on Earth
to thrive in harmony, balance
and symbioses with one another.