The Complete Kit for the Start, Growth & Bloom of your Plants

The Complete Kit for the Start, Growth & Bloom of your Plants

Our Story

Active Earth is based upon the co-creation between the organisms within the soil and the ones living above it.
Life in the soil is an active network composed of intelligent life forms who are all connected, working in symbioses together and exchange nutrients. They create the healthy conditions in which all life on Earth can flourish.

Healthy life in the soil is the foundation for the active evolution of all life on Earth to thrive in harmony, balance and symbioses with one another.

The Products


"From the fruits one can know the roots"

A healthy plant starts with a healthy soil. Our products contain only organic ingredients. They enrich the soil with essential microorganism, fungi and nutrients. The products come with an Active Soil Guide, to guide you on every step of your way to create an active, living soil.

Create your own Living Soil

We guide you step-by-step through the process of preparing the soil for seeding, germination, growth and bloom of your plants. Our complete kit contains all the ingredients to keep your soil healthy and active throughout the whole season. 

*with updated instructions