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A healthy plant starts with a healthy soil.
Our products contain only organic ingredients. This means our products have low salinity, preventing over-nutrition (‘nutrient burn’). Our Active Earth Complete Kit enriches the soil with essential microorganism, fungi and nutrients, resulting in resilient plants displaying optimal growth and bloom, bearing rich fruits. The Complet Kit contains an Active Soil Guide, to guide you on every step of the way to create an active, living soil.

Liquid Start

25 ml

Liquid Start contains microorganisms and nutrients to support the germination phase of your plants. Its origins stem from a specific fermentation process of residual plant material, resulting in high amounts of trace elements and natural sugars. Liquid Start provides a perfect start to support soil life and healthy plant growth for your seedlings.

Ingredients: humified grape extract, plant extracts

Active Start

250 gr

Active Start consists of a fermented grape must in which all microorganisms, plantgrowth hormones and minerals like magnesium and selenium are preserved. This lays a foundation for healthy, active life in the soil. It promotes a much better uptake of minerals and prevents the loss of nitrates. The beneficial bacteria in Active Start make your plants more resilient. Add Active Start to the soil to aid both the growing and flowering phase of your plants. 

Ingredients: humified grape must

Active Network

25 gr

Active Network powder contains beneficial spores of different strains of mycorrhizal fungi. The fungi live in a symbiotic relationship with the roots of your plants: they mobilize nutrients which are normally hard for the plant to absorb (such as phosphate) and in return the fungi receive energy (glucose) from the plant. Active Network introduces these mycorrhizal allies to your soil, which supports the resilience of the plant and powerfully catalyzes the growth of the plants.

Ingredients: humin powder, seaweed extract, fulvic powder, rhizobacteria, mycorrhizal spores

Earth Base

250 gr

Earth Base consists of a mixture of different nutrients like Guano, lava dust powder, worm castings and other natural elements. It enriches the soil with organic fertilizers, minerals and trace elements. Providing the essential building blocks for your plants. Add Earth Base to the soil at the start of the growing phase, for optimal plant growth and flowering.

Ingredients: guano, seaweed powder, palm tree ashes, lava dust powder and worm castings

Active Balance

10 gr

Active Balance consists of bacteria which promote a healthy bacterial environment in the soil. This helps plants to protect themselves against uninvited guests like certain harmful fungi and bacteria. Healthy bacteria in the soil help mobilize nutrients for uptake by the plant as well as making the plant more resilient to abiotic stress. Add Active Balance to the water during both the growing and fruiting phase of your plants to optimize healthy bacterial soil life throughout the whole lifecycle of your plant. 

Ingredients: glucose, fulvin, seaweed extract, rhizobacteria and fungi

Liquid Earth

500 ml

The sugar molasses in Liquid Earth are made out of beets and potato starch. They enrich the soil with readily available sugars which stimulate life in the soil and provide extra minerals and nutrients. Add Liquid Earth to the water during the fruiting phase of your plants to keep your soil life healthy and active. 

Ingredients: beetroot extract, potato extract, amino acid

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